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Pugh's Petcenteria - Hagerstown, MD

Paul Day

Old Timer
Sep 8, 2002
This is a pet store in Hagerstown I live really close to. They have sold a few tarantulas that I'm aware of, and they weren't housed too bad. I do not feel like their staff was knowledgeable (none are really). Still cotton in water dishes, that is the worse transgression. I let a lot go in reference to pet stores since I realize they are temporary homes, so this store is better then most I've been to, but very expensive. Pricing should not be so obnoxious, even on the simplist of goods, like pet-pals, which I would say are marked up 40% from average retail price. But I must give them a thumbs up (if only for the immediate area), because they have done very little "wrong' compared to the other stores I've been to around here. Positively, they were also very clean, and their enclosures looked nice.
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