Pterinochilus murinus female genital aperture

chris 71

Old Timer
Sep 15, 2006
hi does anybody know if the females aperture looking open is a sure sign of a mating iam asking this because i introduced a male that matured about a month and a half ago but did not actually see him make a sperm web to a females cage i think he was a little shaken up after i wangled him out of his cage and into hers he didn,t really do anything but the female started to drum they were still quite a distance apart after a while i was starting to wounder if he had actually even made a sperm web i decided to turn the lights out but then after a while i fell asleep i woke up about an hour and a half latter and looked into the cage with a flashlight and the female was against the side and her genital apterture was very open looking is this caused by the male bending her backwards and inserting his palps is there any chance they would go through this process even if the male had not loaded his guns thanks chris...