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Pseudouroctonus iviei


Old Timer
Nov 25, 2004
I was out collecting P. Iviei earlier this morning, I have become so used to collecting them that I had become a bit careless. I pulled out a rock that a nice looking adult was clinging to and set it on the trail so the scorp couldnt get away into the leaf litter. The scorp went back onto the underside of the rock, so I grabbed it to turn it over, and BAM. It felt like someone had stuck a needle into my finger. Immediate burning sensation followed and lasted for about a minute or two. After that a tingling sensation went through my hand and down to my wrist. After about 20 minutes everything was back to normal and all tingling sensation was gone.

So in my experience these guys are pretty harmless. All of the pain from the sting only lasts for about 1-2 minutes.