Progress Pictures on T.Stirmi and L.P. Growth Rates


Oct 6, 2015
For those interested in how fast/slow T.Strimi and LPs can grow here is the molt progress of mine:

Note the ruler is in cm not inches! I find it more precise.

The LP I got at 1/4 inch (6mm) in October 2015. The last molt is 75mm DLS and was 2 months ago.
LP 1.jpg LP 2.jpg

The T.Stirmi I received at the same time as the LP (October 2015). The first molt is 43mm DLS, and the last molt, which was today (21/03/17) is 145mm(close to 6 inches).

TStirmi 1.jpg

TStirmi 2.jpg
I have a Honduran Curly Hair I got the same time as these and that was 1/4 inch and is now bigger than the LP at nearly 3 3/4 inches (95mm). So much for slow growing!