Problem copulation P. sazimai


Oct 21, 2021
Hi all,

lately I've try to reproduce my adult pair of Pterinopelma sazimai, but unfortunatelly everytime it is completely disaster.
For the very first time I've tried that with 2-3yo male, but he didn't even recognize the female, so I decided to buy "fresher" male.
The new male currently has around 2 months on adult stage, but when I bought him he had 2 weeks. Some time ago he made a sperm web, so after that I decided to let him into the female.
Behavior of the female is always aggresive towards the male.
Whenever the male picks up the female, she says big "NO! YOU WON'T IMPREGNATE ME!!!", and she attacks/chases away the male...
I've try it 5 times, and each time the same thing happens. The female has 5,5BL (body length) so she is adult.

What can be the reason for such behavior of the female towards the male?


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Oct 26, 2017
Now, being patient is one very important fundamental of tarantula keeping. That being said, you really need to be patient with your male, and as well as your female while try to breed. One wrong move can get your male killed / eaten. Timing is very important.

If, it is your first time breeding by any chance, I’d love to recommend you to read ‘breeding reports’ of this species, as well as others to get more insight, knowledge.

@John2097 - Would you share some insights please?
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