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Price check!For a Colbumian Rainbow

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by Grael, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Grael

    Grael Arachnolord Old Timer

    My best friend is getting another boa (remember Khan?) well this time its a Colbumbian rainbow boa and shes paying 140£ for it!!!!!!!! the guy says they only grow to about 4 foot and the one shes buying is just under 4 foot he says its almost full grown!

    Anyone please tell me if shes getting ripped off 140 quid for a snake its just stupid to me lol
  2. Hmm. I'm by no means a snake guy, but I nevertheless found this interesting:

    "Common Name: Columbian Rainbow Boa
    Scientific Name: Epicrates cenchria maurus
    Distribution: Northern S. America
    Size: 5' - 7'

    In captivity a large vivarium of at least
    4' x 2' x 18" is recommended for this species.

    These have been considered the 'poor relation' of the Brazilian form for some time. Patterned babies loose this with time to form a more uniform orangey brown snake with little patterning. Still make good easy pets."
  3. Grael

    Grael Arachnolord Old Timer

    yea thats it! hmmm so it gets up to 7'??? :? but the discription is match on its pattern is very dull.Thanks :D
  4. Devildoll

    Devildoll Arachnoknight Old Timer

    cool snakes, but i would spend that money on a neonate brazilian rainbow instead.

    columbians are great snakes, but not at that price i don't think.
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