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Preuss Pets in Lansing, Michigan


Jan 10, 2010
100% Positive in Every Way!

I bought my first T from Preuss on February 20th, a 1.5" G. pulchra. When I called about T availability and learned that they had 3 Grammostola pulchra slings I told them that was the species I was most interested in. Since I live in Cincinnati, Ohio they told me that I could completely pay for my sling over the phone and pick it up for my birthday in February. When I got to the store they had a note in the main sling section that read 1 G. pulchra sling Paid In Full Do Not Sell Will be picked up on or before February 27th. I couldn't help but smile seeing the note and realizing that that was my sling. They really put their animals and customers first. The T manager Jazyn Boget was extremely personable and knowledgeable. He was able to answer all my questions and showed me what substrate he recommended as well as the best ExoTerra feeding tongs.

My sling, Cuddles :D is happy and healthy. Preuss took excellent care of the sling and showed that they cared about every aspect of their tarantulas' well being. Even though I live 5 hours away in Cincinnati, I would not hesitate to return to Preuss in the future to buy another T.:D


May 14, 2010
100% Positive!

100% POSITIVE! I drove 2 hours to check out Preuss Pets and I have to say that it was well worth the drive and I will definitely do it again. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help. Two of the guys spent a great deal of time talking to me about their T's. I bought a gorgeous A. Geniculata from Preuss while I was there. I will most likely add many more T's to my collection from Preuss Pets!


Old Timer
Oct 1, 2009
Stopped in today for my Bday. Had a great time. Met with Russ (rustymetalhead here on AB), and talked T's and other inverts. He showed me some specimens, and I ended up getting a P.pulcher. He threw in a B.dubia for her to eat, and when I mentioned it was my Birthday, he threw in a few more when I mentioned I was low on adults for my colony He also gave my friend some free spagnum moss, for her leopard gecko's moist hide.

The reptiles were all healthy looking, and alert, for those of you who go for herps.
Anyway, the T selection was mostly NW--which Russ apologized for actually, since they mostly get newbs, lol. :D The T's looked great! It was nice to see them set up like someone gave a crap about them!

He also showed me how to sex dubia, when I mentioned I didn't know how.:D Same method applies for mantids, and for other roaches.
Great place, will go again! It's a bit of a trip, but I can make an adventure of it!

100% positive!


Apr 18, 2012
Talk about one of my favourite places to go... I typically wander in Friday mornings after my Zoology class at a local college (fitting, really).

I feel that I'm very lucky to not live very far from Preuss' because it allows me to spend a TON of time out there when I get some free time. All the animals that I have ever seen, and all the ones that I have ever purchased, at Preuss' have been nothing but wonderful and healthy. My hisser colony is from them- as well as my adorable little Roborovski hamster. It makes me smile that when I go in to purchase a new pet the staff always makes sure I know what I'm getting myself into for the well being of the animal. The prices are absolutely fantastic on everything from animals to supplies, and the selection is totally ridiculous (in the best of ways, of course) The staff is so knowledgeable and has been such a great help when it's come to even the most ridiculous of questions that I end up asking- I also absolutely adore the stores philosophies and practices. I can honestly say that the only thing that I personally have to complain about... is that I can never manage to come in when they're hiring in the reptile room. :p


Jan 24, 2015
POSITIVE every time!

I have been going to Preuss Pets since Dec. '14, when I went there to purchase my first tarantula, a G. pulchra sling.

So far, I have purchased 4 of my (ever growing collection of) Ts from Preuss - G. pulchra sling, A. diversipes sling, B. emilia sling, and a sub-adult G. pulchra. The selection of slings and sub-adults available for sale is outstanding, everything from beginner to advanced. They also do their own breeding when they can, which is impressive!

I go there at least once a week for a variety of sizes of crickets (they have true pinheads, 10-days, smalls, mediums, larges, and extra larges!). They also have adult male dubia and cultures of nymphs in stock - I purchased a 12-ct culture of dubia nymphs there (with the intention of just feeding off the nymphs, not starting a colony).

I've purchased nearly all my enclosures and spider decor/supplies there. Lots to choose from! Variety of enclosures, hides, water bowls, real and fake plants, tons of cork bark pieces/tubes, driftwood, etc!

Besides the awesome selection of Ts, feeders, and supplies, I love speaking with the knowledgeable staff every time I visit. Jayzun and everyone else I've spoken with have always given me excellent customer service, and are a pleasure to just chat with about inverts!

I also love having a club account (free!) - you get a $10 discount after every $300 you spend in qualifying purchases (crickets don't count, for example). You can save this $10 to use whenever you want. I'm currently working towards my 3rd (or 4th? I've lost count!) $10 discount.

Love going there, highly recommended.