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Prehistoric Times (Moreno Valley, CA)


Old Timer
Jan 13, 2003

Great selection of herps, they also have tropical fish, bunnies, hamsters, birds, blah, blah blah (the usual pet store fare.) The tarantula selection is growing... with my encouragement he has gone from keeping 1-2 in the store to 7 at last count. They are kept in clear deli sandwich containers with bark or some other substrate and are kept damp and fed.

The owner and all the employees are very open to suggestion, willing to listen, offer support and readily admit when they're not familiar with something.

When I do my presentations, I list them in the "To Learn More" section on my handouts so more kids will go in and ask about Ts! The owner is planning on expanding his T section due to the sudden boom in the hobby. He had a very large collection about 7 years ago in his old location, but the hobby seemed to die out around here, so he got rid of them. Hopefully, I can gently guide him back to the hobby!!!