Predatory Panchloras...?

Louise E. Rothstein

Old Timer
Feb 10, 2005
My second redworm culture should have shown some redworms by now-
There had to be SOME egg-bearing "cocoons..."
-And I HAD seen at least a few redworm hatchlings...but...
-They have all disappeared.

Panchloras are escape artists.
They did get to what was meant to be my second redworm culture:
I have found (at least) several immature Panchloras in there...
-And since immature Panchloras burrow in moist substrate that is also
where they find-and eat-most of their food.

Would immature Panchloras prey upon redworm eggs?
Would they attack tiny or weakened worms?
Might they menace even mature and breeding redworms whose "necks"
are enveloped by incipient "cocoons" of their own developing eggs and whose "cocoon" underskins are far more fragile than pinchpart jaws...?