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Predatory Fish

Discussion in 'Not So Spineless Wonders' started by Weapon-X, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Weapon-X

    Weapon-X Arachnodemon

    anyone collect any kinds of predatory fish? could you post pics of your tanks and fish? so far i just have 2 big oscars around 9-10" and some african cichlids, what i want to get is some dwarf snakeheads, or maybe an african tigerfish or wolfish(theres a lot to choosefrom,lol) anyone know of a place that sells em? ok folks lets see your fish!--Jeff
  2. I got Bettas. I dont know if they are the kind you are thinking of, but I know they are carnivores.

    This is Quartz;

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  3. Jobe

    Jobe Arachnoknight

    I like snakeheads. Ressilient little buggers.

    I lost mine for 2 days and found it under my bed like a dried up stick. Chucked it in water, and like magic, it was back to normal within the hour...

    I now have a giant snakehead which i cought a few years back. It is more or less our groups mascot. Violent too.

    Im posting from work now, lemme go see if i have any pics of my aquarium in my home system when i get back

  4. Chris

    Chris Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I keep a Red Belly Pirahana... I will try and remember to post a pic tonight
  5. Weapon-X

    Weapon-X Arachnodemon


    can't wait, cool betta SS is that an albino? anyne ever check out these predatory fish boards kinda cool, lots of info on pirahnas and others www.predatoryfish.net , yeah jobe i love snakeheads i want some dwarf ones like C. gauchua, i also want a wolf fish i thnk lelle had posted some pics of his wolfish before?
  6. Jobe

    Jobe Arachnoknight

    Snakeheads are commonplace here. Just thought id share my connection with this great fishes...since i have the time and i still got nother half-hour till this graveyard shift ends....

    The Giant Snakehead (Channa Marulius) was recently recognized officially by the IGFA(international game fishing asst.) as one of the best freshwater game fishes in Malaysia. I will vauch for that :)...

    Channa Striatus, or the common snakehead, is believed to have medicinal purposes, and we always catch them in the paddy plantations...they also provide a good fight :) and also make for some good eating :D

    Channa Gachua, this particular bugger for some reason a respectable local fishing magazine claims it was recently discovered in Malaysia, although i have seen references online that place its locality here, and i have caught these before in the hills near my home...

    But it is true, the Dwarf Snakehead is extremely rare now...

    oh dang, ive lost myself typing again...:? ...this is what happenes whe u have too much free time at work...

    jeff, hope u dont mind me cluttering up this thread a bit....


  7. Bob the thief

    Bob the thief Arachnoknight

    Hey a dwarf predatory fish? , hey thats kinda like a cool pet for me :)
  8. Weapon-X

    Weapon-X Arachnodemon


    no prob jobe, i love snakeheads! you caught c. gauchua before man i wish i could do that, snakeheads i hear are illegal in some states now which i think is ridiculous, anyhow i found someone who has c. gauchua frys right for 6.00 each or 10 for 50.00 + shipping (which is like 35 i think?) they are 1.5"-2", i am thinking of getting like 4-5 and hoping for a male and female!
  9. Re: cool

    You know, I dont know if he is. He does have a few flecks of black, and blue eyes, so I guess not. But he is a real cutie. Heres another. I'll post more when I feel more I live. I have three bettas and my mom has one.

    This is Ziggy.

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  10. conipto

    conipto ArachnoPrincess Old Timer

    S_S - how do you keep your cat from wanting to eat your fish:confused: :confused: ???

  11. pategirl

    pategirl Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Spider Saviors first betta pic is an opaque white with a slight greenish wash....I love bettas. I wish my new male would produce some offspring. I can't find a female he likes.
  12. Hahahah! My old cat, Comet, is WAY too fat to climb up the stairs to get to them. The young cat, Lacey, the cancer cat, :(, she is only interested in the fish bowls for one thing; WATER! It drives me nuts, so I have to take extra precations to make sure she doesnt drink the water. She has NEVER been interested in the fish to watch or eat them! Wierd ? Shes more of a bird killer and eater.
  13. This is my moms fish, Phil.A.O'Fish. SHe stole the name from me. My first betta was named Phil.A.O.Fish. ^.^

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  14. Heres the last one. His name is Hinote Sakana, which means fire fish in Japanese. I hope ! I just took this pic, since I didnt have one of him. Hes so pretty. ^,^

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  15. Deathreaver

    Deathreaver Arachnosquire Old Timer

    A fish you might me interested in is a African Butterfly fish (Pantodon buchholzi) it eats insect and small fish. As of right now I have 1 flame gourami, 1 colbalt gourami, 1 normal gourami, 2 goilden, 1 African butterfly, 1 common plec, 2 ramhorn snails and 3 bettas (1 male 2 female). I would send pics, but i don't have a digital Camera. The P. bucholzi will get about 6 - 8 inches long, but he does stay at the top of the tank.
  16. Deathreaver

    Deathreaver Arachnosquire Old Timer

    found a pic of the African butterfly off the net.... here it is
  17. genious_gr

    genious_gr Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Eh, do you feed your betas crickets or mealworms???
  18. Mister Internet

    Mister Internet Big Meanie Doo Doo Head :) Arachnosupporter

    Re: re

    The only reason you think it's ridiculous is because you want one and you can't see past that... there are VERY good reasons for them to be illegal. They would be, effectively, a superpredator if ever naturalized into American rivers. They are a vicious predator that is NOT NATIVE, and they have no business being introduced into American waters! If they were ever introduced into the North American waterway system, they would pretty much decimate game fishing as we know it. Of course, some idiot would release them into the wild eventually (hear about the pond in NC they poisoned when snakeheads were discovered there?).

    Now, I'm not a fan of legislating intelligence... I don't think Tarantulas should be illegal just on the chance that someone could release them and poof, we have an established pokie population in Arizona. However, if a certain SPECIES of Tarantula was: impervious to environment, incredibly adaptable, a voracious and indiscriminate predator, and very reproductively inclined, then yes, I would say that I DON'T WANT that spider coming into the states, just based on potential damage to our environment. Mind you, I wouldn't be for banning ALL T's... just one species... and that is what we're talking about here... ONE SPECIES. Of course, as soon as you tell someone they can't have something, it automatically becomes the COOLEST THING EVER.
  19. Bob the thief

    Bob the thief Arachnoknight

    Re: Re: re

    You just gave a discription of a usambara.
  20. sunnymarcie

    sunnymarcie Celestial Spider Old Timer

    No more fish tanks here:(
    I had to get rid of them because we needed the space.
    I use to keep Africans and Oscars :D
    I'll have to look around and see if I can find a picture
    of my tank, I know I have a few. Just need to rummage
    through some old books and scan them into my system.
    That's if I can find the books!:rolleyes:
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