Praying mantis - HELP ASAP!!


Jul 27, 2018
Adult mantis will not molt anymore. You were being given wrong information. In my case, I started keeping mantis with 5 L1 Asian mantis. Now I have 5 orchid mantis, 1 devil's flower mantis, 5 Chinese mantis, 6 ghost mantis, 5 dead leaf mantis, 7 Indian flower mantis and 5 spiny flower mantis.

The best way is to get a few at the same time. They are fragile animals, especially the first two instars so you might want to get more just in case you made mistakes.


Nov 1, 2012
Its hard to know an exact lifespan, but generally a mantis will live around a year, two if you're very lucky. If you're brand new, getting a later instar nymph like 4-5 might be the best option.(similar to getting a juvie tarantula rather than a sling) And no worries on questions, ask away :)
...thx so much!!

So, since my sons bday is Saturday, so I don’t have time after all to order the mantis... I’m going back to that same pet store and buying some (2 or 3 different ones) of the nymphs. I’m going to give my son all three for his bday and tell him he has to show us he’s interested and can care for them (the ones they have in stock are what the employees are calling “dwarf ghost mantises”) before we get a bigger, more expensive one... last-minute plan I could come up with, especially cuz my son is only turning 4. I know I’ll do most of the husbandry, but he’ll get to learn something new at least!

Thanks for all you help!!!!