Post molt status


Dec 24, 2020
Hi there
Noob gang here.
So i have a 17cm scolopendra dehaani for a couple of months, she came already an adult and everything went normal, eating, burrowing and do scolopendra stuff by night.
About a couple weeks ago she molted but now shes acting very sluggish and with a weird motion. She doesnt eat at all, and do this really strange movement with her head like a crazy headbang. Is it normal? Is it something i should do? i cant see nothing wrong with the skin or something like that. No old skin hanging around or such, but im starting to get worried. Humidity is on point, water dish, temperature is around 23 due the winter conditions where i live. I know they get into this slow behavior before and after a molt but even so, is there something i should do? I cant find it a answer on previous threads so if some scolopendra crew pro could school me on this one i would be very happy.