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Possible North African Pitcher Plants

Discussion in 'Live Plants' started by Abdulkarim Elnaas, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Abdulkarim Elnaas

    Abdulkarim Elnaas Arachnosquire Active Member

    A side question - My old man is coming to Canada from Libya in a month or so. Do you think customs would have an issue with him bringing plant roots in the luggage? I know they are extremely strict with animals, but I have no clue how it is with organic plant matter like seeds or roots.
  2. MikeyD

    MikeyD Arachnosquire

    When plants are imported they have to pass phytisanitary restrictions. Generally for terrestrials that means no soil and in some cases no roots. This is why dormant bulbs shipped around the world are always cleaned of debris, any roots removed, and often a fungicide treatment but that's more to protect them than a phyto requirement.
    There is also the issue of import permits and the exporting countries rules. These two hurdles are what prevent most people from bringing plants home from overseas.
    If he can find any plants with ripe berries/seeds then that would be much easier. It could very well be the exact opposite period of the growing season to be finding seeds though. He could also try mailing seeds.
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