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Ponds and Plants, Spring City, TN


Old Timer
Dec 18, 2007
I came across this Ma & Pa pet store in a rather remote location, somewhere near Spring City. I've only been there 3 times (to pick up supplies), but I wouldn't recommend much business with them. This place isn't all that new to me, but I feel as though I should share my latest finding:

Nothing really special here. As far as quality goes they are standard pet store fodder; they keep their stock in terrible conditions - keeping Ts on dry wood chips (they even had a dwarf pyxie frog on this crap), improper diets (a sticky on an enclosure with blue-tongued skinks in it read "no crickets, just dog food sprinkled with Rep-Cal"), they once had a large cage full of baby leopard geckos, some of which are very skinny and clearly dead, they once had a big, beautiful albino Pacman frog in a semi-aquatic set-up with pea gravel in it (it was nowhere in sight last I was there, such a pity since it was such a beautiful creature and likely would've bought it had it not been in bad living conditions), and a poor little Axolotl in a medium-sized KK filled a 1/3 of the way with mossy water.

Some of the stock they have is also dangerous. I don't know of they are actually planning on selling them (I couldn't find a price tag), but somewhere in the back area (an accessible area apart from what appeared to be the actual shop but seemingly open to customers) I saw a large, partially-filled aquarium with two (maybe more) baby snapping turtles. And that's not all-not far from there they had a HUGE stock tank with two juvenile CROCODILIANS of some sort (first time I've seen those in any pet shop in TN)! They were both around 4 feet long and I couldn't tell if they were juvenile alligators or sub-adult caimans, but either way I wouldn't want them!

On the upside, they do have a beautiful facility and some pretty big and impressive (though maybe overstocked) fish tanks with big plecos, a giant gourami, cichlids of different kinds, and at one time a pacu in them.