Poll: Where have you acquired the majority of your tarantulas?


  • Craigslist

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  • Directly from nature (I caught them in the wild)

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  • Family members

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  • Friends

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May 7, 2017
I now buy them directly from the breeder nearby, because I want to pick them up personally. Is hard sometimes, when I can't get the species I want (there are some of them actually :rolleyes: ).

In my first tarantula-life years ago I ordered from a seller and picked them up on shows/expos here. That was easy. Sadly this seller apparently doesn't exist no longer :( , and shows now are not allowed in Austria I think since April 2017.
Hamm is too far away from here, @boina. But I'm always thinking of it this days, I'm jelous :D ..... Maybe I go to Marbach next year. Let's see :rolleyes: .


Malleus Aranearum
Staff member
Mar 7, 2012
I was thinking about all the different ways that one can acquire tarantulas, and I was curious what the numbers would show on this one.
  • Online tarantula dealers (with dedicated websites): 37.5% (total of 3)
  • Reptile and tarantula shows/expos: 25.0% (total of 2)
  • Family members: 12.5% (my first tarantula was a birthday gift)
  • Brick and mortar pet stores: 12.5% (1 impulse Avic at PetSmart)
  • Arachnoboards sellers: 12.5% (1 Psalmopoeus cambridgei from @cold blood)

The online dealer is local to me, so I do local pickup to avoid shipping.

There is also a bit of overlap, as one of the tarantulas I bought was from that dealer's table at Repticon.