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Poecilotheria regalis


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Nov 6, 2002
Well,after almost 10 years.I finally got bit.
One of the P.regalis i breed was a tangled up in it's own web.
she was walking funny,and the sustrate wes getting stuck to the web as well.
So I took her out of her vile to try and help.
While i was trying to pull the web off her leg was tangled ,and i almost pulled it off.It must have hurt cause she bit me.
I figure it is like squeeseing someones hand when your in pain.

Anyways,It did'nt hurt much. a spot about the size of a dime swelled up and turned red. 3 hours later i can't see it or feel it.
No big deal.

So if you ever wondered what it would be like to get bit by a 1" Pokie.there you go.


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Apr 2, 2004
Indian Ornamental facial bite

I'm new here and new to the hobby. I thought I'd post here first!

I "adopted" a full grown male Indian Ornamental. It had fuzz on it's back foot so I thought I would take it off because it did not look comfortable. I can't see well up close so I had it about chest high on my hand and started picking with the other hand. It was being pretty good, but my daughter came screaming and running down the hall ( she's 5 and screams a lot for the fun of it) and in a split second it was on my face. I went to grab it and it bit me in the cheek. I want to say here that I don't believe it would have bitten me if it wasn't scared to death. Anyway, the initial bite site stung lke crazy and swelled up. I got the ornamental back in it's enclosure, but by time I went to the bathroom the area was slightly swollen . Later my jaw hurt like I had rust in me joint or something and I had vague flu like symptoms, nothing major. I have a scar there now but that's only because the tingly itch lasted quite a while and I kept itching and picking at it!
All in all it wasn't a horrible experience, but I could do without repeating it.
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Feb 6, 2003
Ok, time for me to make a report.
I was called by a friend to help him move a six P. regalis. I admit, aside form my little ¾ inch ‘sling, I’d never worked with a poec before. Things were going great when someone else in the room tried to lean closer, had a fight with gravity, lost and fell into me. The deli it was in, with the lid loosened fully, fell, poec came out, none to happy with anything, especially not me..
She landed on my leg and threw up a rather impressive posture. After gazing at this in a kind of dread fascination and a near delight, because I’d never seen it in person before, only in pictures, and because. There was a big angry poec on my leg,,,,,,
I decided that since I was wearing heavy jeans, and because I didn’t want her to get lose and get hurt. I put the deli over her, planning on slipping the lid under and securing her again.
She chose that moment to get angry at a wrinkle in my jeans and sunk her fangs in.
She didn’t Pierce me. But her fangs Did sink through the material and scrap my thigh. She fangulated my jeans really well, and hung on, griping and pulling. (Very very Angry Bug!) Showing her appreciation for her trip….
I scooted the lid under, which made her let go of my pants, then I slid her cup and all into her new house, and closed it. She climbed out and immediately went o hide behind the cork bark, and I fished the deli and lid out a half hour later after I had some coffee and a smoke. (And my hands stopped shaking of course)
Now, I know I mentioned this in a sting report, and as there, share this only because I have a very low tolerance of stings and bites in general. I am very severely allergic to wasps, I have a worse reaction them most to bee stings and all other bites and stings react to me a bit more then everyone else I know. It’s just my body.
But anyway. Back to the report.
I noticed a throbbing itchy burning sensation at the point of contact, and when I went home, the scratches on my leg were showing swelling and a purple bruised color.
I felt a little nausea for about two hours, and the itching is still with me a full twelve hours later.
I washed the wound and put benedril cream on it and that’s about it. I suspect the irritation will be gone tomorrow.
I Do not believe I would be feeling even This much if I were not sensitive to such things.
I Can say, that after seeing her in person, and all, I still want another. :) And can;t wait till my baby grows up. So i suppose it's a "good" poec bite experience.


Old Timer
Mar 11, 2007
Well out of all seven of my T's the first one to nip me was the one that would have the adverse medical effects... Lets just say it is NOT a good idea to use chopsticks to attempt to get a threat display from a Pokie to show your roommate it's amazing leg stripes. This was my first arboreal and I really didn't realize how quick and agile they were until this one chomped man flesh on my hand. I got really really really bad muscle cramps all up and down the left side of my body for two days and the morning after the bite (which occurred at around 2 am) i threw up and was extremely weak and sweaty. Besides that it was a lot of fun. Anyways, no one has to tell me i'm a moron for what happened because I KNOW. I just get excited when I have new T's and have to show all their amazing functions to my friends. WRONG. Next time i'll just wait for her to get herself into a more opportune position and take a picture or something. Oh yeah, the spider was a good 7 inches long so that factors in to the severity of the bite


Old Timer
Feb 11, 2007
Yesterday I wrangled my sub adult P. regalis into a clear container to get some ventral shots to ensure it is indeed a male.
Shots went well, yes its a boy...
I go to put him back into his enclosure, the container lid stuck, would not open right at the corner where he is. SO when it does open, he is out and on the ground, skirting around the enclosure outside, trying to hide under anything he can. He then hides under my cricket keeper and as I lift it to get him back into a smaller container he goes up my left arm, and onto my back. Around to my right shoulder where he stops. I move my left hand slowly down the back of my right arm, wrangling him towards his enclosure. He gets on the floor again, and I am able to put a container on top of him, and then get a smaller container around him so I can put him back into his enclosure.
That went fine.
Several hours later I complained to my husband that my left shoulder ached, and had hurt for a while. He checked it out and said,"you have what looks like a bug bite.. Wait there are two tiny holes here." The shoulder was a little flushed.
So while the P. regalis was on my back it bit me, on my shoulder blade. Other than feeling as though I had over done something physically with the shoulder I had not noticed any other symptoms.
Good place to get bit, if you have to get bit.


Jul 3, 2007
Bad poci bite

This was a half grown poci
As far as I know I have the worst bite on record from a Poecilotheria regalis. I wanted to compare bite records to better understand if in fact my experience was normal or an anomaly. I journaled the bite from start to finish and Charles “Botar by eights” has my journal. I had severe muscle cramping that lasted about two weeks and some of the highlights were burning sensation that was the equivalent of soaking my hand in acid and muscle spasms that went through every muscle in my body including loss of vision 10 days after the bite. I could only see the periphery of what I was looking at. I can give more detail but was interested in bad bite accounts from any of the Tarantula species or supposed accounts of a fatality encounter. I was OK after three weeks kinda itchy and sore like I had one hell of a workout.

P. Novak

Old Timer
Sep 12, 2005
Alright so to begin it all off I recieved a package today, which contained the new female P.regalis. I unpacked her, took a few pictures, and put her in her enclosure. I had to run somewhere real fast, so I left. A few hours later when I returned I thought she might be hungry, so I open her cage and toss a cricket in, she slowly climbs up and starts walking around on my sofa. I say in my head, "hey, what a great time for another photo." So I position her to the way I want and snap a pic. Soon after she begins crawling off, and I've always wanted to handle an adult pokie and she seemed really really calm so I lay out my hand in front of her and she walks onto it. No problem, she's just climbing around on my hand and forearm. I call my sister in to snap a few pics(which did not come out good by the way because of her constant walking). She was walking on my hands and forearm for a good 3 min and then decides to walk up my arm and under my armpit, I gently nudge her to go back down my forearm, and without hesitation she does. So I thought, "hm she is one of the most calmest Ts I have ever seen or handled for that matter." After awhile of walking around on my wrist and hand she turns around and starts heading to the tip of my fingers, then right as she got to the tip of my pointer finger she spreads her chelicerae and WHAM, bites down just under my fingernail. Ouch it hurt and I gently shake her off. She walks off, and I nudge her into her enclosure and put it away. About half a minute goes by and I'm like, "Whew, a dry bite!" Then instantly a SHARP pain at the bite site. THen my hand inflames a few mintues later. It's like I was sticking my hand on a burning grill. No matter what I did I couldn't subdue it, so I just had to deal. A couple more minutes later and I start getting all shakey and begin to perfusively sweat(I don't know if this was from being nervous or from the reaction itself). About 30-40 min pass and my neck, throat, and shoulders begin to get stiff. I then decide to lay down and just calm down. After about 1:45 minutes the stiffness really begins to wear off. I still have some sharp pain in my hand, but nothing nearly as bad as it was. Oh and there was almost no swelling, maybe it's because I kept a cool rag on my hand. I'm surprised it lastly for a short while, maybe only a small amount of venom was injected. Anyways, that's my first bite story from a T that you would not want to be your first. Atleast I've experienced the worst.. I hope. My sister was pretty calm during the ordeal, just a little worried at first, but I told her what she needed to know and she calmed down.

Here's some of those crappy pictures.. No pictures of the bite itself, I even thought that I should be recording this, but decided not too. :wall:

Enjoy, and don't get bit by a Poecilotheria sp. {D :wall:


Sep 5, 2008
Anybody want an adult Poecilotheria regalis for free?

In my first foray into exotic tarantulas, I bought a large adult P. regalis on 10/21/08, and within 5 hours, it had bitten me on the ring finger of my left hand. What excruciating pain! No swelling, but tingling, intense burning pain, couldn't touch the finger, etc. Called 911, and the emergency medical technicians, seven of them, poured into my condo--mostly they wanted to see the tarantula--never mind the patient!

Fairfax Hospital in Virginia did little for me, except applying modest amounts of Dilaudid over hours, until I fell asleep in exhaustion at 3 am (I was held overnight for observation). Released on 10/22, I seemed to be okay, and went to work on 10/23. However, while I was at lunch with a museum curator, I noticed the left hand starting to hurt, and getting red (the finger was fine). Back to the emergency, this time at Arlington Hospital, Virginia, which responded to my complaints of pain much better. After 5-6 hours, a friend took me home, and I was told to stay home on Friday.

After a quiet weekend, on Sunday evening into Monday morning, I started experiencing painful leg cramps, finger cramps, etc. But they seem to have dissipated.

Who wants this tarantula? Not me.

David Wright
6141 Leesburg Pike #607
Falls Church, VA 22041-2117
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Old Timer
Nov 10, 2007
Robc's 4" P. Regalis bite report

Well, my 4" P. Regalis bit me last night. I opened the container lid (she's in a 1gal snap-tight container), and she was near the top...she jumped on my hand and dug in with her fangs and stayed there. I had to pry her off - thought she was going to bite me again - and then pushed her back into her container. She came back to the opening in a threat pose...I don't know if she thought I was food or if she was just being overly territorial. She's the one that recently ate her cage mate Tiny.


10:45pm - Initial bite:

Felt like a hot penny nail going through the skin. The actual bite felt hot - no little prick of pain, just heat. I immediately took 4 Benedryl. My hand turned red in a matter of seconds and I could actually feel the 'heat' going up my arm.



Cramping in fingers, tightness in forearm. Pain pretty intense.


Sweating profusely, cramps going all the way up my arm to my shoulder. Pain very bad!



Blisters formed on a few fingers of the bite hand, my gums started hurting and then bleeding a little, ribcage started contracting/cramping. Pain really bad now. Took 6 more Benedryl (only 25mg each).

Pic to illustrate how bad it hurt at this point - this is when the pain got really bad:


Shortness of breath, heart rate increased. Having severe adrenaline rush - couldn't sit still. Cramping continued in hand, arm, shoulder - now in my neck and back.


Jaw started to hurt as well - other cramping continued. Pain about an 8 on a scale of 1-10. Left to go to the ER to have my vitals checked. Heart rate was up but otherwise I was fine, except for the cramping and pain. I was also naseous by this point. Due to a 4 hour wait at the ER, I left at this point.


Joints in my arms and legs started hurting really bad..shortness of breath continued. Benedryl really kicking in now - very tired and dizzy. Walking was difficult due to being so dizzy, tired, and having severe cramping.


Had some McDonald's on the way home - I was hungry even though I was also still naseous. I ate when we got home and immediately went to bed.

Wake-up - 11:30am:

Cramping has all but stopped. Legs/arms/neck/back very sore - feels like my whole body is bruised. Even my eyelids hurt. My teeth and gums feel odd.


Old Timer
May 2, 2005
for those who feel like they want to ad something, don't. this is for bite reports only. if you feel the need to discuss, use the PM function.


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Jul 2, 2009
I've handled my P. regalis before plenty of times with no issues, and that pretty much made me drop my guard. So anyway I just went into her tank to clean the peat moss out of her water dish that she was next to, and she tagged me. She only got me with one fang on my left ring finger. She is a 6" female.

Around 8:30 PM was the initial bite. Immediately I tried to drain out as much venom as I could. The burn from the bite at this point was not to bad, but 15-20 minutes later it got worse. I filled a bowl of ice water and dunked my hand in it to ease the burn. (cold water may not have been a good idea) Any way the burn got worse, and worse as time went on. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry. The burn from the bight lasted maybe 1 or 2 hours. So I went to sleep, and woke up with no burning sensation.

The next day is when I started to notice the cramping, the cramps where insanely bad. I had muscles tense up I didn't even know I had. I had what looked like golf balls under my skin on my stomach. At some point, every muscle in my body cramped. There was times I couldnt stand up because my legs would lock. These insanely painfull cramps lasted for the first 3 days, luckily I was able to get off work the first 2 days after I was bit.

Around day 4 the cramps where still there, but at least they became manageable. From this point I was catching rides to work since driving was to much of a risk. As the days past the cramps became less, and less frequent, but they where still there.

I'm on day 9, and I am still getting cramps, there not near as bad as the first couple days, and I seem to only get them when I stretch out , but I wanna stretch so bad since every muscle is so burnt out from tensing up.

Any way I did not initially seek medical attention, since I did not have an anaphylactic reaction, and I really wasn't all that worried. I just knew I was in for a rough ride. My job made me go see a doc on day 4 though, and they just said drink plenty of water, and gave me IBproufen. I would not have minded muscle relaxers, but they didn't see the need at this point, and at the same time I did kind of just ride it out own my own from the beginning.

Any way my advice if you get bit is go to the hospital right away so you can at least get the muscle relaxers, because maybe it will cut the cramp time in half. Also I would like to add I don't drink much water, I just always been that way, and that could be why I'm still having cramps on day 9.

Any way I still love my girl
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May 7, 2006
I had similar symptoms as the holytoast however the symptoms persisted for a year, though their intensity got weaker with time, also my toes would curl on their own accord, the whole bite was a painful experince... Luckily karma was on myside and the offending regalis got eaten by his mate. :)