Poecilotheria, Lampropelma, Theraphosa, Etc...


Jul 18, 2010
I noticed Fran posted about the T. blondi slings that he received from Vitaliy from TarantulaHomes.com so I figured now was the time to add my own little thread. I have purchased many T's from many dealers, breeders and friends from here and other places. All have been great in their own way. I took a chance on a post in the classifieds a while back for P. metallica slings and purchased them from Vitaliy at TarantulaHomes. I have not looked back since.

I know stuff like this is usually done in the Inquiry section and I have posted there about the service and products I have received from Vitaliy. I dont know how many people actually read the Inquiry section so I felt this was a better way to express my gratitude to Vitaliy and maybe get others to check out what Vitaliy has to offer.

I will post pictures soon of all the T's I have gotten from him. They are some of the best spiders in my collection. Since the purchase of the P. metallica slings, I have added a bunch of P. tigrinawesseli, P. smithi, P. subfusca and L. nigerrimum. I feel I have received what to me seems like very personal service and outstanding well represented products.

Just so its known, I insisted with Vitaliy that I do this because I felt that anyone who can provide what he has for me deserves recognition as an asset to this hobby. I personally dont know how long Vitaliy has been a presence here nor have I ever asked, but I hope others try his products as well. He truely has been a great friend in the short time I know him.

I hope he makes a huge name for himself like the many others I have purchased from and have a huge presence here (You know who you are).