Poecilotheria Are Fun (!)


Dec 10, 2010
In an evil twisted way they are...

I wanted to take some good baby pictures of my P.metallicas for my album and everything was fine at first. The little speed demon was posing motionless:

Everything is OK, I took a couple pictures and so... And I went ahead and moved an inch and she takes off. Teleportation field is activated and she is on my finger, than my elbow and then out of my sight. Of course I freak out inside thinking that I will crush her(pronoun is wishful thinking). I stay still for a full minute very slowly feeling my back for a tiny sling but nothing of course. So I slowly take my T-shirt off and put it down. My body is itching everywhere, not that I am scared or anything but I imagine she is somewhere on me so I go and look at my back on the mirror and nothing. I go back to my room to check the T-shirt out and here she is sitting comfortably in one of the creases:

So lesson learned for the 10th time kids, do not take pictures of your Poecilotheria outside of their enclosures, especially when they are really small and can comfortably fit into T-shirt creases!

I gotta help my wife with the ironing... :D


Old Timer
Oct 14, 2010
This gave the word 'T-shirt' a whole new meaning. :D
{D haha

"teleportation field is activated and she is on my arm..." yes tarantulas CAN teleport my 3" parahybana does it all the time when snagging a cricket i see the cricket on one side of the tank, and a blur, and it's gone i look in the spider's hide and she's got it! :D should've named her 'the flash' :p