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Plano Pets - Plano(Dallas), Texas




Talk about a mess! This had to be the dirtiest, most uneducated petstore I have ever been in.
Inverts on sand and wood chips, sponges instead of bowels, and you should have seen
bird setups! 3 LARGE blue and gold macaw babies in one 20 gallon high tank. I know hand
feeding birds are commonly housed in tanks, but I have never seen 3 of them in a space large enough for 1. Take care !


Old Timer
Jan 26, 2010
I don't know if they changed since this post was written, or if I just see things through rose-colored glasses, but I've been pretty impressed by this pet store. There's at least two guys that work there and know about tarantulas. They can tell you anything you want to know about the species that they have for sale, and they're dead-on as far as I can tell. They don't have a super-wide assortment to choose from, but they have some good stuff (there's a nice mature cobalt blue there right now. :) )

The arrangements are not fantastic (example, the CB, didn't have a ton of substrate to burrow into -- but then... it would be hard to sell and extricate a CB that was deep underground). I think for the most part, the terrariums are sufficient, and the Ts all look healthy, and beautiful. :)

maybe someone with more experience can tell me if i'm totally wrong.

Matt K

Old Timer
Mar 27, 2007
I was in there recently, the manager made me a pretty decent deal on what I bought. The selection was really good for a local pet store, and from what I understand they have changed personell since 2002 when the original post was made. The guy that has been working with the tarantulas and reptiles is reasonably knowledgeable (speling?). Aquariums had a good and healthy selection too. They really do care for thier pet inventory- the manager was medicating a $12 lizard that arrived injured with some other reptiles they ordered when I came into the store. Positive experience overall, prices good-not great not expensive either.