Pink Toe T ID needed


Apr 11, 2010
I know since I do not have a picture to help, it makes it more difficult for someone to help but someone here will know what I am describing.....

My wife and I went to a LPS and saw three tarantulas labeled "Pink Toed Tarantulas", all together in one tank. They were indeed Pink Toed but were the biggest kind I have ever seen. I would say their leg span was ever bit of 5 inches. Off black in color with hints of a dark gray on the abdomen. Nothing colorful and not a glossy black like Avercularia avecularia Hairs were not thick and long. We went home and tried to ID these ourselves an the closest thing we came across was an A. Urticans

Anyone have an idea? We were wanting to know temperment and whether or not they can be handled, etc.

Any help would be appreciated......



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Aug 2, 2009
I don't know if we could really be that much help to you with out a picture since most members of the Avicularia genus look so similar in appearance. Sorry. My guess is that since they were in a petstore they're likely just Avic. avics. The drabness in color could be due to premolt, or because, more then likely, they're WC.

You didn't mention, but were the hairs 'frosted', or white tipped? If so they could have been A. metallicas. But really, it's a shot in the dark, especially with out a picture. Avics usually range between handleable to skittish, but they're usually not all that defensive (if I remember correctly, I'm not exactly the Avic pro around here, I own all of 3 species. lol.)


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Aug 16, 2009
I would be shocked too becouse thats cheap. Normally spiders cost in LPS about 70+ dollars(60 euros) for unsexed one. At least here in slovenia is that price while you can get spiders from some breeder or someone who's selling spiders for about 1/3 of the price.

Give us picture so we can help you indetefying the species.:)

Also all Avicularia species are very calm and docile, but they are easlly spooked, jumping away or running so I advice against handling.It could fall and injure itself.
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