pink and grey rose hair


Oct 26, 2006
Thought I would add my experience so far....

Mar 05-T comes home. Eats and appears fine
Aug 05-Seals the coconut hut from inside

Apr 07-18 months later I change the bedding from woody bark material to compressed earthy material that I add water to. I had checked on T about every four months to see if it had molted or died and it was always still just chillin inside the coconut hut. The two crickets I put in the cage seemed to have become good friends with my rose hair. I thought it was weird but the rose hair faq says everything is as should be. I will never understand how it could live for almost 2 years with no food or water and I think the reason it may not be eating the crickets now is a molt finally. For some reason too, it is not interested in hiding again. I really wish I could have just left it alone, but it was too hard not knowing what was going on inside the coconut. Anyway, great website here and if you have anything to add that would be great. Joel

P. Novak

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Sep 12, 2005
First off Welcome to the boards!
Edit: Just noticed you've been on here for a couple of months already.

Yup, sounds like typical rose hair(Grammostola rosea) behaviour. On these forums they are either known as pet rocks or wierd.

Is this your only T? If, so I'd recommend getting another one. Would make the T hobby much much interesting for you. If not, what other species you have?
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Mushroom Spore

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Oct 14, 2005
If the crickets aren't eaten in 24 hours, you need to take them out. If the T molts and there are crickets in there, they could kill it while it's helpless and squishy.