Piece of glitter in T fovea???

cold blood

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Jan 19, 2014
I was changing my juvie A. avic's water dish a moment ago, and she lept out of her enclosure, so I caught her in the catch cup I had near by.

I immediately noticed an odd sparkle on her carapace that I'd not seen before. Alarmed, I led her onto my leg for furthur investigation. (I know most of you are anti-handling; but I had no other choice due to the fact that I needed to view her as closely as possible.).

Funny, this isn't uncommon apparently, although I always laugh, because with all the avics I have raised, I have never once had one even make an attempt at escape (yeah, I know, I am setting myself up for one now).

But really, this isn't what most would consider handling, it was an unintentional escape and recovery, during which you took advantage of the situation to better observe a possible concern (or so you thought). When people say not to handle, they generally mean it as the intentional removal of the animal, simply to handle it.

There's never anything that needs a human touch, but things happen, and with enough transfers, you are going to end up with one on you with all likelihood....so even if its not your goal, it happens, so don't feel like its something that you need to get out of your system....you seem to be genuinely interested, which makes you a good candidate for a long term keeper.

::hugs:: But what a shame that she will lose that fancy look of hers. Lol!!! :happy::happy::happy: I think the bedazzled look really suits her personality. Haha
I'm sure you already know this, but all ts look their absolute best (color-wise) just after a molt.


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Feb 7, 2017
Well based on your description your T clearly has :cool:
Lol!! Half-quoting one of my sentences, goofball! :embarrassed: Clearly, she has been exposed to being fabulous...I mean, did you see that big green sparkle?? :p