Phoneutria or Sycariidae few questions - help please


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Feb 10, 2018
Hi, Im here with dilemma I have, Im interested a lot in Phoneutria genus and Sicariidae, I have now a good deal on P. Nigriventers, after few years of experience with tarantulas I lean bit more towards true spiders. I wonder, what do You guys think, if Id be very careful, is it a bad descision? I have still in mind, that they are very venomous, thats why I came to ask here to see the reactions. Because I know some people stand by the oppinion that only true scientist should keep it. Its very attractive to me, but I can also get some Sicariidae (if You guys know about sellers in EU, Id been extremely greatful) as they are also object of my interest and hard to get by. Thanks for oppinions, experiences and wish nice evening to everyone!