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Phidippus regius


Old Timer
Apr 15, 2009
The following report is a captive hatch recording.

*Successful? - Yes. Approximately 100 1st instars.

*Any special post mating care - I was unaware the female was
gravid. She had laid another egg-sack just a month before(2/27/10).

*Time to sac - Approx 30 days.

*Care of the sac - I removed the female as soon I was aware the sack was laid. Humidity was kept around 78% and temperature around 80F.

*Time to emerge/hatch - I opened the sack to check if they were good about 11 days after the sack was laid. Found all had turned into 1st instars except for about 3 eggs.

*The final details - I currently have about 100 1st instars in a high humidity incubator.

A pic of the babies and two of mom.


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