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Petland N.Y. ,Patchogue


Old Timer
Jul 17, 2002
Well I have to say that it was not all I hoped for. The only 2 T's they had were not well take care of... more like under feed. They had cotton in the dishes and it was dirty. Had cricket s^*t in it and there were no crickets in the cage. They had one B. Smithi that was up front of the store same condition as the 2 in the back. This was about 1 inch in size and they wanted 100.00 for it. The manager told me that is how much it came in for. Even before I started getting into the T's I have never seen them for that much. They are way over priced. The manager was also very unintersted in take care of me as a customer. Over all the only good thing is they have the crickets I need. And if you are looking for any tanks they are also good at prices. There pet care I have to say really leaves something to be desired.