Petey's final ride


Old Timer
May 23, 2012
RIP Petey my courageous mm t. Stirmi. He had a hell of a good run, I got him nice and fresh about a year ago. I paired him with my two females last summer and a couple months later one gave me a dud sac. I kept Petey nice and cold and fed him sparingly and my female molted two months ago. Petey stopped eating a couple months ago and stopped endlessly trying to escape, laying around on the ground all day and wandering a little at night. By the time my female started eating well poor Petey was looking pretty poorly. I decided to give him one more shot and sent him into the females cage. He wandered into her hide slowly like a drunken sailor and I thought things were about to go bad for him for sure. He totally shocked me and manned up, tapping like a champ and paired with the female for a good half hour. He somehow made it out unscathed and when I put him back in his home he was standing once again tall and proud. Sadly the next morning he had collapsed in his celebration pose, he gave it his all and went out on his feet. Here's video of proud petey's final ride, he will live forever on the you tubes.