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Petco - Orland Park, Illinois




I would never do buisness with them. They do not take care of their reptiles or inverts. Only one person that works there is willing to change their conditions. A very good example is when they had a small king snake. The snake staverd to death beacause the workers thought the snake ate crickets. This happened with a corn snake also, only the corn snake died in my hand.


Oct 10, 2006
do not post negative remarks if you cannot back them up.

I understand that this review was posted four years ago, but unfortunately people can still see the post and take away a negative feeling towards PetCo. Having been an employee of the Orland Park PetCo for five years, I can guarantee that no Craig ever worked there in 2002. Nor has our PetCo sold kingsnakes until the last year. At our store the animals are our top priority. The care and well being is scrutinized by not only our employees and management, but by the hoards of regional representatives who flock to our store because of the rave reviews that they hear about our PetCo. The only thing I ask of all those who read such negative reviews is not to take them at face value. Go see for yourself and judge for yourself. Thank you.