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Petco (Napa, CA)


Old Timer
Sep 21, 2002

I have visited Petcol in Napa a number of times. It's the closest pet store to where I live, so it is convenient. Although I wouldn't give it the highest marks, they do well, and certainly better than any other Petco I have been to.

I have bought two female rosies from there over the past year. They were in good condition when I got them and appeared "contented" in their enclosures in the store. Unlike some other Petcos, they also were smart enough to house the spiders separately. On my last visit I was impressed by the female sales person who helped me with the Ts. She seemed to know how to care for them and she was unafraid of handling them, and she always took the precaution of holding them close to a surface so they would not get injured if they fell.

My most recent rosie is the gentlest yet and she seems to have been well fed. She had eated about 4-5 small crickets in a week's time and a couple of moths, and she has never seemed in a hurry to eat them.

Although their selection is minimal, they are not bad if you want to get an adult or near adult rosie. They did have one bird T, but I don't remember the species. It was too pricey for me, or I might have been tempted.