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Petco (Memfis, Tn.


Old Timer
Oct 10, 2002

These people were absolutely ridiculous. First they had an adult Rose hair, which was in a small pet pal locked in a lock box. When i asked to see it i was told "we cant remove it from the lock box unless you buy it." To which I responded "Im not going to buy it until i see it." After much debate, a swarmy little teenage smarta$$ came out and took the pet pal out of the box, then proceeded to tell me "they spin beautiful webs, but are very dangerous." after a moment of laughing at his bs, i told him "i have many tarantulas, including a rose hair, and they do very little webbing, other than a few strands on the ground or a bed to molt on. oh and by the way, those pinheads in there are far to small for a 5 inch spider to eat." Im moving to Memphis soon, and have NO plans of doing business with the petco there EVER.