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Petco (Jantzen Beach) - Portland, OR


Old Timer
Aug 15, 2002

Even though I've talked to the reptile "expert" there repeatedly (and much more calmly than I'd like to), their animals are continuously kept in shoddy condition. Spiders on bare sand under bright lights with a half dozen or so crickets running loose in the enclosure, lizards crowded together and kept in conditions that are way too dry. I always feel like rescuing a few, but know that it just perpetuates the problem.

Anyway, the last time I purchased crickets from them, I got a batch that were infected with either a viral or bacterial disease. Two days after I brought them home and set them up with water bites, carrot chunks, grated apple and cricket chow, they were all dead and smelled absolutely horrendous. Fortunately, they were still in quarantine and none had been used as feeders yet.
The only reason I go there now is because it's the only place nearby that sells the dog food for my large breed puppy.