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Petco- Bradley, IL


Jul 23, 2007
I hadn't seen any posts on this store so thought I'd start one.
This store is much better than the old tiny and way crowded hole they were in before. The aquariums are awesome and they really seem to be attempting to improve their image. Its usually hard getting help and the most helpful staff their is a newer kid who appears to love reptiles and will admit when he's not sure on something instead of trying to feed you a line of crap. :clap: Unfortunately, they are still giving their pets the gel water and too much heating and lighting- thus their T's hide under a log the whole time and seem very stressed. :embarrassed: I was glad to see something besides a G. rosea and they are now lableing with scientific name as well (not sure how accurate it is). Prices seem ok on most things but always check your feeder insects before purchasing because they obviously don't as I have found containers where every superworm and mealworm was dead.