Pet Store Visit


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Jan 2, 2003
I went to the pet store down in Jax yesterday to get some fruit flies and they had a few new T's. Right by the counter, there was a 6-7" T.Blondi. It was really nice and soooo big. The wife saw it and she knows I have wanted one asks if it was full grown. The guy pipes up that its still growing and will be about dinner-plate size. She like freaked out initially and said no !@#$%&* way! We looked around and they had some other T's, but I was good and resisted the urge and only got the fruit flies and some cork bark. The wife as I was checking out, said "You can get the blondi if you really want it." I was tempted, but resisted the urge due to its high price ($180 for T and full tank setup). I thanked her afterwards for being so nice.
On the way home we stop at a local pet store right down the road from our house and they also had a couple T's. My daughter immediately goes straight for this juvie A. Avic (about 2") and I broke down and bought it for her (only $14). My other daughter who hates T's wound up getting a fish. I can't get one something without the other getting something...
What a great day.:D


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Aug 7, 2002

even tho that is a lot of money..... that had to take sum seriuos will power to not get a giant like that! I would like to get a blondie someday but i dont know if i want to deal with the humidity needs and the aweful hairs....o well.....maybe sumday....and congrats on the new little A. avic!

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Jan 29, 2003
wow.......$180??? Ive seen ones for $150 just for the T.... $180 for a tank set up, and the T sounds like a good price to me...


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Feb 6, 2003
Aaaaaw congrates!

I know all about the double buying thing.

If I get Eden a terestrial I have to get Faith an aborial.
Or vice versa. Unless of course they both see one they Both absolutly love ( our smithi Sprocket) and are willing to share claims over.

But when thinking of buying I always have to think in in sets. :)

$180 for T and full tank setup... that was darn good.
I've seen the blondis just for that, much less the setup...

Got a birthday or holiday you could hint on?
Maybe she'll surprise you?
I know I would.
Play dead set against something only cause I wanna go back and get it as a surprise.


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Dec 11, 2002
The pet shop around here orders the T's I tell them I want. I've gotten both my A. Avics for 10 bucks each and a few others. My budget isn't big enough for the number of T's I want. I don't know what to order next to tell the truth. I've been working at the pet shop just for something to do on tuesday and thursday afternoons, and their quality of care for inverts has gone up a lot. :) The scorps and T's are no longer on bark and sharing space with garden variety snails. I always get first dibs on the new arrivals every tuesday. Most are wild caught, and some are just plain overpriced by the wholesaler. They have a 2" usumbara for 28 dollars, I can get it for the wholesale price of 25, but I still think that's expensive. The guy was going to order a curly hair, but didn't because someone (not me) told him that they throw DEADLY:rolleyes: hairs at people.