Pet sitter for a large collection?


Oct 6, 2016
If a serious hobbyist needs to go out of town or goes on vacation for a good length of time, how do you manage to keep your tarantulas alive? I don't think anyone would have a problem taking care of one or two tarantulas, but several dozen to over a hundred sounds like it would be a serious problem. Even if a person loves spiders, they probably wouldn't want to dedicate hours of their day dealing with potentially fast, defensive tarantulas or the terrible urticating hairs. Maybe you don't need a pet sitter. After all, Ts can go a week without eating easy peasy. All they need is water, and they're good to g-
So you need a pet sitter. How do you get one for a huge collection?


Staff member
Feb 22, 2013
You have to plan ahead. Water every tarantula that needs it a week before leaving, and ensure they have a full dish at all times. Then do it again the night before you leave. That way if they bury the dish, hopefully they've already gotten a good drink. It also goes without saying that you should feed every specimen the night before you leave.

Unless you'll be gone for a month or more, even slings would be alright for a couple weeks. It does pay to know someone, though. I've spider-sat for @Blue Jaye before, and I'm sure she'll end up doing it for me eventually.


Dec 25, 2014
What EulersK said is without doubts true. But why when you have 200+ or more T's, in Winter when the furnace is on always so an eye about watering is necessary, and you know no one that can helps you with (for a lot of different reasons that exists between a 'Spiders? No way!' to scared clumsy people to 'I can't trust him/her with that')?

I tell you: those keepers in said situation are forced to re-think their away from home time, or, if force majeure matter enters, even to give away their collection.