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Pet land, Beavercreek Ohio


Old Timer
Aug 21, 2005
I know things can vary from store to store in a chain, but this one certainly seems to keep their 'bugs' well.

Everything is kept clean, and none of the animals seem distressed. All Ts are kept on coco bedding and have hides, tropicals are misted and have some moss while desert dwellers are not misted. The general T area is fairly dark. My only quibble is scorpions have cotton in their dishes, though Ts don't. I saw no sign of mite infestation or bald rumped Ts. Their small animal guys seem to know what they're doing, one of the best pet stores for inverts in the area.

If you're in the Dayton area, I'd recommend it, it's the only store I go to for crickets and such.