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Pet Habitat - Richmond BC Canada


Old Timer
Sep 1, 2002

THis store is in a mall so it is very crowded and they have horrible customer service. The guy that does exotic pets there is a great tarantula breeder and he has bred tons of spcies successfully and has reared some great tarantulas. He even does lots of distribution to petsotores in BC. But in his store he is terrible. He overprices spiders so bad. And if you call him on it he just tell syou to shove off. I want in there and inquired to him about a price on a Trinidad Chevron he had and he told me it was about 180 dollars Canadian. That blew my mind because I could get the same thing for 40 dollars locally i just didnt wanna take the time to have it ordered in. This store was terrible. Overpriced. Bad service. THey treat you like a child.
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