Pest Control


Nov 8, 2020
We also have problems with infestations, there is an ant colony that lives in our walls, and they havent been a problem that much until now. They are having nuptial flights and queen and male alates along with smaller ants are streaming out of some holes, and Im scared that some of them will fall into my ts enclosures and start a colony. I already even saw a male alate in my sling enclosure. We are currently spraying them with a mix of dish soap and water, and it seems to work pretty well. Im just wondering, will the dish soap be harmful to my ts? Because the ants are coming out near the shelf that I keep my ts.


Oct 25, 2014
Maybe an odd question, but is pest control detrimental to owning T’s?

A bit further of an explanation, we have pest control come out every 3 months to spray inside and out. I checked to see what they spray for and T’s aren’t listed but I can’t imagine what they’re spraying would be good for our 8-legged friends.

My idea was to have them come and spray inside and out, but tell them to stay out of the room we will be keeping our T’s in. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on the matter, and maybe some suggestions or maybe I’m worrying about nothing.
I own a Nhandu Chromatus that was left in a sealed house for 4hrs after 4 super duty roach foggers were set off.. It's been 2 months since and she is fine.. Wasn't my house that had the roaches BTW.. Landlord eviction the tarantula was in a deli cup that he didn't notice before he tossed the bombs in.. I would remove the Tarantulas if possibel though and deffinetly don't let them spray that room.. Seal the door with plastic and tape atleast if the Ts can't be moved.