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Aug 15, 2002
Personal attacks will not be tolerated on Arachnoboards. We recognize that debate, even spirited debate, is an essential component of any community -- online or other. We also recognize, however, that for this debate to be constructive, personal attacks must not be allowed. So what is a personal attack?

  • Arachnoboards has an incredible array of demographics within its membership. About the only thing that actually defines us as a group is our interest in arachnids. As a result of this incredible diversity, it is unacceptable to discriminate against someone based on religion, race, color, creed, sexual preference, financial status, the size of their tarantula collection, the make of their car, the gun(s) they own, or any other type of categorical discrimination that wouldn't fly in, for example, the workplace.
  • Another thing that varies within the Arachnoboards community is our experiences. Some members have been in the hobby for decades, have kept hundreds of specimens or have a PhD in a field related to arachnology. Others may have learned only recently that tarantulas exist. The disrespecting, "flaming", or general harrassment of ANY user on Arachnoboards based on their perceived lack of knowledge, lack of experience, lack of formal education, short timeline in the hobby proper, or other such petty reasons constitutes a personal attack. If a user is causing a genuine problem as a result of their lack of experience, please bring it to the attention of The Arachnoboards Team rather than taking it upon yourself to address the issue.
  • As with any community, people will have their disagreements. Some of these disagreements will be purely a result of postings on our online forums. Other disagreements may spill over from the "real world." There is nothing wrong with these disagreements -- it is part of being human. What IS wrong is using these boards to carry out vendettas, feuds or other assorted squabbles. Issues of a personal nature may not be aired in the public forums.

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