People are so stupid!


Jul 26, 2010
Okay so there is this little local pet store called Cindy's Pet Shop and not only did they have an Avicularia versicolor on cedar chips, but they had it in a terrarium for a terrestrial species. As if this isn't bad enough the lady behind the counter was like, "Oh it's very docile and likes to be held." She then proceeds to reach her hand into the terrarium and tries to grab it by its legs. At that point I just had to leave the store.


Jun 18, 2010
That is pretty dumb.Right now in our lps where I live they are trying to sell a mature male that they refer to as a "Brazilian white knee" for the small price of $89.99. Now that's dumb.I tried to tell them that it's wrong to sell that spider to some poor kid when they know it has only weeks to live,the poor old male has been on his last legs for a while.Still they refuse to drop the price or at least make it clear "This is a mature male" there is a special place in he!! for people like this.


Aug 28, 2007
Some pet stores in the Pittsburgh area are known for selling mature males and not telling customers. Especially customers who have no clue. Some of the stores in the area also have a bad habit of labeling there tarantulas incorrectly as far as names are concerned. Whether they be scientific or common names. I won't even mention the prices they charge lol.


Old Timer
Jul 12, 2005
yeah where i live there is ashop that had a golief pink toe, i said give me a look exited because it was cheap, well i looked and what do i see.. a normal pink toe.
i told them and this gormlas.. twat(sorry) was like oh really.
i said he could still keep it at that price because luckily he hadnt really undersold or oversold. but they still havnt changed the label on the tank.

and all of the spiders sold in the two shops near me are kept in small box tanks untill there sold, they dont keep them in setups for aboriel, terrestriel or burrowers.
so some can stay in a small shoe box with no sunstrate and a peice of cotten wool for water for as long as it takes to sell them and that can be aaages.
luckily because reptile shops are rare in the uk and hobbiest are commen the tarantulas genrally find a new home in a few weeks to a couple of months but seriosly.

at the moment my local reptile place has two wild caught t.blondies that look utterly stressed as hell. :(
id love to buy them all but ya know we cant all be heros :(

its just somthing we have to put up with.
sigh i know it sucks.