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Paul Becker AKA paulatpetshop (www.petcenterusa.net)


Sep 21, 2015
Received my order from Paul today. Communication was great before he even shipped. Got an A. seemanni was supposed to be blue form but the one I have looks more blue than the new one but that is ok with me. Also got a G. Iheringi and the freebie was a P. Cambridgei that was much larger than than the freebie size. I am pleased with my order. T's were packed well and look healthy.


Nov 11, 2013
Perfect as always

Just received my latest order from Paul yesterday (this would be my fourth since my last review) and once again everything was perfect. Selection is great, prices are great, communication is great, and he always ships promptly. And, the freebie is always cool. I will continue to shop at Pet Center USA.


Nov 8, 2014
Just got my order this morning and the packing and shipping was A1. Got a Phormictopus sp green and h minax. When he says overnight it's overnight from cali to ohio. Just wish he had centipedes so I didn't have to pay shipping from someone else.


Dec 1, 2011
Paul Becker

Just got my order from Paul today!

I had looked over several other online T stores and Paul seemed to have most of the T's that I was looking for at very generous prices. More importantly, his reviews on this very thread suggested good results :)
Originally, I had planned on buying around $150 worth of T's but ended up buying over $500 worth of T's and got a P. metallica freebie!

Paul is very kind and I definitely sensed high integrity in him after reaching out to him by phone and email. He emailed me several times throughout the process, keeping me updated on everything!

I paid the $40 LAG shipping and the shipment came in after one day at around 9:30am. I live in a condo, and the security woman downstairs had the package sitting right next to her computer waiting for me. Little did she know that within that box 2 feet away from her were almost 20 live tarantulas!
The packaging was a small cube-shaped box with two holes (for ventilation, I suppose). Within the box were styrofoam/aluminum (?) padding about 1" thick at each wall with 1 heat pack on the side separated from the T's by another foam pad. Within the padding were a few rolls of newspapers, and within that, seven or eight vials tightly wrapped in newspaper and tape.
Inside each vial, there was a very lightly damped paper towel hugging the T inside. They were, and still are, all alive!

I am so satisfied with the purchase that I may buy T's online exclusively from Paul from now on :)

Thank you, Paul!