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Paul Becker AKA paulatpetshop (www.petcenterusa.net)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Trip, May 1, 2008.

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    Poecilotheria metallica

    So after 3 yrs of wanting this shiny blue Poeci i just happened to stumble across petcenterusa online. I cant believe what i saw:biggrin: ...
    Now, i always heard that Paul was the man, but admittedly never checked out the website. I will admit that i was impressed by the selection his site has, and when i saw the price for the Pmet i instantly contacted him. He promptly answered all my questions, and within 2 days I had the order placed. Upon arrival i found out first hand that Paul is an excellent vendor. He had great communication the whole time, his packaging is flawless, and the sling arrived healthy and active as can be. I definitely will order from Paul again, and as a matter of fact, already have another decent sized order picked out.

    all i can say is i cant wait for my next package from petcenterusa.net
    Thanks again Paul,
  2. Paul is the man!!!

    i came by Paul's shop today and picked up some new additions to my collection (always great to pick my own T's out) :biggrin:....like always great service and awesome prices!!!!! will definitly do business with PetCenterUSA again. Lazaro

    LAXGOALIE Arachnopeon

    Mainly positive

    I ordered a P Metallica and got a free B Albopilosum. I was happy with the shipment exept the P Metallica was about half the size of what they said it would be.
  4. paulatpetshop

    paulatpetshop Arachnosquire

    Re: Mainly Positive

    re: Mainly Positive,
    I think you may be confused about how my tarantulas are measured..The spiders are measured in the normal sitting position(including legs),NOT the body alone.... The spider sent was a (1-1.5in) P.metallica..The same ones I have been sending out for weeks now with no complaints at all about size or any other reasons.. ..Attached is the link and proof that shows how they are measured...Thanks Lenora for your mainly positive review.. Please send the spider back or call me if your not happy..
    LINK showing "how we measure them"

    Attached Files:


    LAXGOALIE Arachnopeon

    Oh sorry, my bad. In that case 100% positive :biggrin:
  6. Giantsfan24

    Giantsfan24 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Quick and too the point. Bought 3 Pokies(Miranda, Formosa, Ornata) from Paul. He was kind enough to meet me on Sunday at his shop. Let me look around. Great spiders. All eating well and successfully molted. I will likely be buying more from Paul depending one what i get(or dont) at the Repticon at the OC Fairgrounds this weekend.
  7. Akai

    Akai Arachnobaron

    100% Positive!

    Well I just bought the following....

    Heteroscodra maculata
    Poecilotheria ornata
    Poecilotheria striata
    Psalmopoeus irminia
    Psalmopoeus pulcher
    Heterothele vilosella
    Chilobrachys fimbriatus
    Chilobrachys andersoni
    Haplopelma longipes
    Avicularia versicolor
    Pelinobius muticus x2
    Stromatopelma calceatum
    Ceratogyrus marshalli
    Megaphobema robustum (freebie)

    Everything was excellent. Packing, communication and selection. This is my first transaction with Paul and it won't be my last. I guess X-Mas came early for me this year. :giggle:

    Thanks Paul!
  8. LuiziBee

    LuiziBee Arachnobaron


    Received my M. balfouri sling yesterday.
    Everything went smooth and I've got one healthy, good looking sling.

    Thank you!!
  9. n0rmal

    n0rmal Arachnopeon

    Paul is the man! He let me come to his shop and pick whatever T I wanted and even took the time to try and sex a T that I got from him. Looking forward to future visits. Top notch seller thats for sure
  10. Excellent Experience

    We received our first order from Paul today, before the trackng number even got sent... pretty darned fast. The packing was great, T's were fine, and after a little coaxing and patience, the H. maculata finally went into its enclosure. :happy:

    We will purchase from Paul again.
  11. Palespider

    Palespider Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Very pleasant transaction!

    Bought 3 P. metallica from Paul. Although I ordered online, Paul was always there to talk over the phone when I had a question, and even answered texts in no time. Extremely friendly, and knowledgeable.

    Packaging was impeccable, he used 1" thick polystyrene to insulate the box, which was awesome, and more than welcome it being winter here in Colorado! All slings were in awesome shape, and extremely well fed and healthy when they arrived.

    Paul really goes out of his way to make you happy. Among the best buying experiences I have ever had! =)
  12. Eclipse

    Eclipse Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Just got my first green bottle blue from him today. Shipment arrived and time and packing was phenomenal!!! Sling made it safe and sound, active right out container.
  13. Spanx69

    Spanx69 Arachnopeon

    Just received my first order fom Paul on Friday ( G. Pulchra and G. Iheringi) and I couldn't be more pleased. Packaging was outstanding and Ts arrived healthy and with voracious appetites! Already looking forward to my next order. Thanks Paul. :)
  14. numinous

    numinous Arachnopeon

    Excellent transaction with Paul. There were some complications, but we patiently worked at it until everything was resolved. Great communication. Great service. Excellent spiders. Thanks for a great experience Paul!
  15. Awesome transaction with paul. No DOA . Plus gave me a free brachypelma vagans without me asking him. The avicularia minatrix is looking adorable. I just can't wait till it grows up. Great shipping and great service.plus very good selection of tarantulas at great prices! Thanks paul
  16. elportoed

    elportoed Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I dealt with Paul a few times in the past few years and thought I did a review for him already, but I never did. I'm always happy with the transactions with Paul. Bought a few slings on sale from Paul at a great price. I think his regular price is already very reasonalble. He also mentioned that he is offering multiple slings pricing at even better deal on his website. I will definitely keep doing business with Paul again and again.
  17. Excellent! Got a P.Metallica and a P.Murinus and a freebie A.Geniculata.Packed so well it took a while to get everything out and housed...And yes,the Murinus was a gigantic pain in the BEEP.:mad: I mean the thing is only an inch and a half and already throws threat poses and tries to bite the paintbrush...Sheesh.:eek: Thanks again, Paul!
  18. do0zer

    do0zer Arachnopeon

    This guy is a real pro

    I bought a P Metallica, OBT, GBB, and got a free P Irminia

    He delivered some of the best specimens I have ever received

    Packed really well and shipped super quick

    This is the shop to buy from

    Got a batch of GBB slings in good health even with the 2-3 day delivery!

    Box was small and nicely compact, insolated with thick squares of styrofoam and lots of newspaper to keep items from moving. The vials were wrapped in newspaper and tape and the slings inside were surrounded by moist paper towel. The Fedex truck could tip on its side and not budge them!

    Will do business again!
  20. Thistles

    Thistles Arachnobroad


    Excellent as always! Great prices for awesome Ts with fast shipping and exceptional communication! Thank you!
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