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Paul Becker AKA paulatpetshop (www.petcenterusa.net)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Trip, May 1, 2008.

  1. crawley07

    crawley07 Arachnopeon

    <Originally posted Jan. 2nd, 2012:>

    I ordered an A.Purpurea sling from Paul. I received the package the very next day in perfect condition. The heat pad was exceptionally warm especially considering its the middle of winter. If you're looking to buy ANY tarantulas I strongly suggest you go to Paul. He has answered all of my questions and been very helpful with the care tips of my new addition to my T family.

    **UPDATE** (Jan. 7th, 2012)

    Well the It has been about 5 days since i recieved my a purpurea from paul becker. IT's is now dead due to some weak batch he gave it to me from. Also Mr. becker stated the tarantula sling to be about a size of one inch. But it was more like .75 not it was merely 1cm guys. I've had 9 tarantulas since i've joined this hobby and i have never had one dead until today. all im saying is plz provide what you actually state in your advertisement. I went to paul to because prices were reasonable and sizes were decent. Now i know never to go there i might as well pay few dollars to extra. I've learned my lesson.
  2. paulatpetshop

    paulatpetshop Arachnosquire

    First of all A.purpurea are born at half an inch, NOT 1 CENTIMETER .. the ones I have are about 6 months old.. As you may well know, the males grow faster than females.. True the spider I sent was a bit short, but he requested a female(3/4in). Also.. I brought in 50 of these spiders some months back and only 2 have died in the time I have had them.. Harris called me when he received them and was very happy..but here we are 5 days later and it's dead.. what does that tell you..? I don't think that this spider was weak.. I think he killed it on accident.. He tried to call me today and I was not available until 7 o'clock tonight and I promptly called him back.. after he left me a nasty message on the phone and was cussing at me... Harris.. this is not the way to resolve a problem.. Most people would have just waited for a call back before slamming someone.. ......When I called you back I said that I would give him a free A.purpurea......Even though it was 5 days after he received it , I still tried to make him happy.. I don't feel that this negative review about me is justified at all.. I spent plenty of time with him answering questions on the phone and e-mails before he purchased it.. and I did everything possible to teach him about to keep tarantulas..even the ones he did'nt get from me.. So thanks for slamming me without giving me a chance to fix the situation and your welcome for all the help I gave you over the past week.. SHEEEESSSHH!!!!

    I refunded the tarantula anyway...Here's the proof of refund..

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  3. crawley07

    crawley07 Arachnopeon

    Good evening,

    I ordered 2 more t's from Mr. Becker on 01/09/2012 i received them today. After putting the incident aside he is still is a great dealer. He refunded my money for the tarantula that died 5 days later under my care from my last order. That tells you he is a great dealer. So i ordered a p Metallica and a purpurea sling from Paul he also included a freebie in there.Free Species-Sp. Stents Whistling Spider. All tarantulas LOOK Healthy and Well FED. Thank You Sir Paul. I will be ordering more....
    Thank you for your great services.
  4. Fran

    Fran Arachnoprince

    Recived another package from Becker.

    I needed the slings to be delivered this week. Ordered them yesterday and they were shippied within the hour of ordering. Received the slings today alive and feding with 16F outside.

    Never had a single issue with P. Becker.
  5. crawley07

    crawley07 Arachnopeon

    Good Morning, So i ordered two pokie slings from Mr. becker. P. Subfusca highland . p. Tigrinawesseli. Ordered Yesterday They arrived early morning today due to weather in houston. Anyways again Mr. Paul delivered as he said and he threw in a freebie as well Trinidad Pink..Holothele sanguiniceps. As well on my request he threw in bigger vials for slings and free crickets. Thank you paul i am your fan and thanks for making this hobby more interesting for me.
  6. 100% Positive

    I ordered an adult female C. schioedtei and an I. hirsutum sling from Paul. They arrived right on time, fat, lively and well-packed. The sling was bigger than I expected and my schioedtei girl is a beauty! He threw in a freebie G. pulchripes too.

    He answered all of my emails immediately and went out of his way to ship my Ts. when I needed them. The quality of the animals I got is top-notch. I couldn't be more pleased.

    Very nice effortless (on my part) transaction and I am 100% satisfied with my order.
  7. RickBerry

    RickBerry Arachnopeon

    I ordered from Paul a couple weeks ago everything was immaculate! Will def order again soon, his communication through the whole peocess was top notch!
  8. I ordered a B. Smithi sling from this guy and it came packed very well. The sling is doing great and is healthy. The prices on this mans website is very acceptable and you will not find a better deal elsewhere. He was also very good with communication and sent me emails and is quick to respond to all my questions.
  9. Shimotsukin

    Shimotsukin Arachnopeon


    This is my second time ordering from Paul and everything went as smoothly as the last time, All the tarantulas arrived in perfectly good health, I certainly look forward to future business with him.
  10. versicolor

    versicolor Arachnopeon

    positive A++++

    Been out of the hobby for a number of years and just recently decided to get back in. After a bit of research and review reading I decided to go with Paul for my first order. I ordered an A. Versicolor and a P. Regalis. Both are spiderlings. Paul was awesome and prompt with email responses, my order was shipped out yesterday and arrived at my doorstep today. Both slings came out very active and healthy looking. Great first experience getting back in the hobby. Great prices too. I would do business with Paul again without hesitation.
  11. Perfect!! A++++

    Just got in some Haplos and Avics from Paul. Everything arrived in perfect health and the packing was excellent!! 100% Pleasure doing business with him. Will buy from again and again.
  12. famish

    famish Arachnopeon

    Paul Becker - Pet Center USA. Thumbs up.

    I have ordered dozens of tarantulas over the last 10 years+ from Paul. I recently purchased a C. darlingi and a B. boehmei.
    Really healthy, beautiful specimens and both doing well.
    Paul has always been extremely helpful, professional and a pleasure to deal with.
  13. I received four healthy beautiful spiders from Paul yesterday. The P. Hanumavilasumica is lovely! All spiders were packed perfect and shipping was fast. Communication was great! I couldn't be happier! Thank you sir!
  14. djshupe

    djshupe Arachnopeon

    King Baboon and Singapore Blue

    I recently ordered and received a King Baboon and Singapore Blue from Paul. I have been buying from him the past three years as I have much respect for him and he enjoys talking tarantulas. I spoke with him numerous times via email and by phone as well. He was very helpful as always and shipped exactly what I expected. Both of these tarantulas were exactly as he described in size and very healthy. His packing was top of the line. I highly recommend Paul to anyone who is interested in tarantulas. He has a large variety of tarantulas and if he doesn't have what you want, he will look for it. A++++++++++ all the way. Keep up the good work, Paul.
  15. gottarantulas

    gottarantulas Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I recieved my latest T from Mr. Becker yesterday. I ordered it. He delivered it on time and as advertised. I've purchased from him on other occasions, always on par and without incident and will continue to do so. And the best part is that he's local as on one occasion I had the opportunity to pick up my order at his location. As a seller he is personable and very informative. Kudos!
  16. Just ordered from Paul the other day and gave me a pretty dang good deal on 8 T's... Shipped them when I asked and they arrived when he said they would. All were present and accounted for and as for the sizes, a couple were actually larger than he described! And not to mention none of them looked like they missed a meal. Thanks for the great deal and I plan on doing business with you in the near future :D
  17. le-thomas

    le-thomas Arachnobaron


    Just received my package from Paul. Packaging was superb and the prices were amazing. Will be doing business again.
  18. mike w

    mike w Arachnopeon

    Just received a Blue Fang sling from Paul. Outstanding communication and waited until the temps dropped to ensure me a LAG which was above the shipping rate I picked! Packing was perfect! Hope to do business with him again soon! Check out his site you won't be disappointed!
  19. Transylvania

    Transylvania Zookeeper/Trainer Old Timer

    I ordered a P. metallica sling from Paul that was on sale for a great price. Communication was great - he replied quickly and was very kind and accomodating. The sling arrived on time and in perfect condition. Will definitely do business again with Paul in the future!
  20. louis1618

    louis1618 Arachnopeon

    i just received my new beautiful Tarantula pets! paul is the first stop to purchase any T.large selection ,great packaging ,friendly(cares for his customers) ,and the best prices!
    8 tarantula thumbs up
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