Particularly difficult Avic avic


Old Timer
Apr 22, 2005
I bought three sub adult WC Avic avic's back in september last year.
One of them is being a pain in the arse!
It is 10cm (4in) and has not moulted since I got it.
It didn't eat for a while then after two months I caught it eating a locust. .. its not that it doesnt eat... it just eats very rarely and its abdomen it pretty small (about half the size of its carapace)

I am wondering if it is an old female that never got the chance to reach a large size due to living in the wild?
I have put it with a male for a month but no interest in mating and no added interest in food

The tank is 16x8x18in, would it be worth moving it to a smaller one to maybe make it feel more secure?

Any suggestions?

P. Novak

Old Timer
Sep 12, 2005
Make sure it has a waterdish at all times and mist the sides every other day, I find out that Avics don't really like to drink from waterdishs, and prefer the sides of the tank.

Sometimes moving them to smaller or vice versa helps them and they begin to eat again, so I would say yes, trying moving her to something smaller. Good luck.