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Parthenogenetic Scorpions

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by GS, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. GartenSpinnen

    GartenSpinnen Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Dang! I have to get me some H. hottentotta! :drool:
  2. Michiel

    Michiel Arachnoking Old Timer

    No, it is well known that many species of the family Buthidae do not have a numerus fixus when it comes to molting....They sometimes molt an extra time, or one less time....That's why you can encounter small, medium and large adults (size classes). You will that these 'large' females, will give birth to more young.
  3. That is interesting, although it is probably sort of obvious.
  4. Michiel

    Michiel Arachnoking Old Timer

    I am guessing you refer to that it is obvious that larger females give birth to more young?? Yes, there is a direct correlation between body size of the maternal female and the number of offspring.....
  5. You would be right, sorry, I didn't make it clear enough.:D
  6. Ahhh...Its good to be back (internet was down for a week or so). Yes, I got 24 from Vix and I think I had some minor cannibalism, so I'll separate them today. Darn sibling rivalry. I've taken a few pics, and Ill post those eventually, when I fix my usb port. Do you know the time from sling to adult to pop? :D I cannot wait! Kudos to Vixvy, for his awesome collection!
  7. Hey buddy,
    Welcome back :)

    I do not have the lifecycle documented from birth to their popping stage yet.
    What i have so far is the molting dates from birth up to 6i (current instar) and its documented on my website below:


    I housed my first brood individually and so far i'm lucky that all 21 of them has made it to 6i.
    For the rest of my HH broods, due to space/time restrictions, i can only house them communally among scorplings and i have one batch of scorplings housed with their mum.

    Hope it helps :)
  8. totally understandable! I'm running out of space with my few that I have. I suppose I'll have to build another section to my house? :D
  9. sambani

    sambani Arachnopeon

    Great collection

    great pics. its nice. and i liked the videos too.

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    nice pics. i liked the videos too.
  10. @ooi
    Yeah probably.. haha
    If space is a constraint like what i'm facing (as my collection grows), most of my enclosures' size shrinks to the "minimum requirement" (except for my main breeding projects) and they proceed in upwards stacking mode.. lolz

    Thanks for viewing bro :)

    Some recent updates:



    Currently a min of 20 H.hottentottas have attained full maturity and are in the midst of their gestation period. Moving on to another generation of captive breed specimens.

    Some recent feeding vids of the scorplings below:



  11. gargoyl

    gargoyl Arachnopeon Active Member

    So, exactly what scorpions are parthenogenetic?
  12. Pipa

    Pipa Arachnoknight

    I did not know H. hottentotta is a parthenogenetic species ?
  13. gargoyl

    gargoyl Arachnopeon Active Member

    For those of you that have got broods consistently with H. hottentotta, what housing conditions like temperature, humidity, ect do you find works best?
  14. Spyder b

    Spyder b Arachnosquire

    OK OK lemme get this straight so I know what parthogenetic means but ...you don't have to have a mate whatsoever? Cause I literally just bought mine at a show today and they said she was gravid ...do you think she is? She looks very plump for her size

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