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Paraphysa parvula


Old Timer
Apr 16, 2009
Status - Success

Genus - Paraphysa
Species - P. parvula
Date female moulted last - 13/07/10
Date male matured - Unknown
Last mating date - 17/03/11

Mating behaviour -

Decided to give the male another go before he had to make another visit to Scotland and this time he didn't disappoint. He hooked her up within one minute of being with her, then they took both went into the females coconut hide.

After being with her for over ten minutes and making several insertions I decided to take the coconut hide away and get him out of there.

Attempted to pair again a few days later (21/03/11) female showed no interest in the male at all.

Tank conditions and temperatures before mating -

Daytime & night time temperatures around 25-26°C no additional humidity added.

Feeding schedule before mating -

Female was fed once a week prior to pairing although was given two extra large brown crickets two days before the pairing.

Feeding schedule after mating -

Female has been fed every 3-4 days on small brown crickets post pairing and has gained quite a lot of weight so it seems although her abdomen does look very round and she may well possibly be gravid.

Date eggsac produced - 25/04/11
Date eggsac removed/hatched - 11/05/11
Development times of nymphs - 50 Days (From sac to slings)
Total number of spiderlings - 9

Additional notes -


Female has been making the inside of her coconut hide a lot bigger and has been adding slight webbing around the entrance to it and various parts of the enclosure. She ate two days ago so I'm not worried she is about to moult.


After weeks of digging the coconut hide out the female made a thick web mat last evening and this morning has a decent sized egg sac clutched with her palps.


Noticed yellow patch on the side of the eggsac with a couple of mites present so decided to pull early. Once the sac was opened I found about 15 EWL's, and 30 decent looking eggs and the rest were dried out and dead. All good eggs and EWL's placed into incubator.


There are only 9 remaining EWL's left as the rest have all succumbed to the bacterial growth, all 9 have moulted to 1st Instar today.


The remaining 9 1st Instar have all now moulted to 2nd Instar.

Breeding Notes & Observations PDF - Click here

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