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Parabuthus transvallicus


Nov 29, 2002
I recived a sting from this scorpion about a month ago........ It is a three and a half inch female...... I was stung while retrieving a molt from the cage...... I did not see her sitting right next to the molt...... As I grabbed for the shed I placed my index finger right on her back...... I took the sting on the side of the finger right at the first joint...... At first I felt nothing more than a pin prick...... As the minutes ticked by the pain increased...... On a pain scale from 1-10 I would give it an 8 or a 9 at the worst of it...... It kind of felt like the after effect of hitting your finger with a hammer...... Alot of thobbing and a constant pain...... Nothing I did made the pain any less...... The pain spred all the way up to the wrist and at one point to parts of the forarm...... The finger swelled to about two times its normal size..... I was not able to move my finger at about an hour into sting...... Very painfull..... The whole time I was waiting to feel sick and light headed but it never came.... The pain started to go away after about 9 hours and the swelling was gone about 2 days later...... I got full mobility in my finger about 4 days after and the site of the sting was sore for a good week and a half....... I did not recieve any medical help and had no lasting affects after the pain and swelling went away......


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Nov 14, 2002
I was stung by a 2" P.transvaalicus a few years ago. Initially there was intense throbbing localized pain with some mild swelling. Over a span of an hour or less the pain traveled to the crook of my arm and eventually arrived in the pit of my arm. (Nymphnodes) This throbbing pain continued for several hours. By the next day only the tip of my finger was sensitive to touch but more a tingly numbness rather than pain. That lasted about a week. I shared this experience with the old Scorpion-Enthusiasts ML subscribers immediately afterwards.

The incident occured during a transference mishap.

Dave Cunningham
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Oct 28, 2005
got stung by a I2 Parabuthus Transvaalicus.

speciment is ard 12-15mm in length.

got stung while trying to remove it from its packing to its delicup. i picked up teh papertowel which its hiding, open it up and it move out instead of down to teh substrate it crawl up my arm. an attent to put e delicup at the middle of my arm to let it crawl in itself but it tried to STING the delicup that move onto the surface of my arm TOO FAST, and miss teh delicup but sting my arm in stead.

1832 - Stung by P.trans I2, pain was like that of needle jabbing in , hot as well. err.. sort of like putting tattoo, starts to be sharp pain, then warm pain.

1840 - area stung starts to swell a lil like a mosqitoe bite, never scretch ro apply any medication, cos its not itchy and i dono wat to put anyway? haha

1855 - starts to feel heavy headed and running mild fever (dizzy.... {D ) but still feeding my scorpions and rehousing the rest of the package

1910 - swell subsides leaving only one red dote ..

1945 - dizzy some wat ends :)

after 5 mins being stung:-

Ice Cold Milk

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Jul 21, 2004
Venom spray in eye

Last night I was rehousing a large female P. transvaalicus. I grabbed her tail with my rubber forceps and she began squirting venom. Not flicking venom, but literally squirting in streams like a squirt gun.
A small amount was sprayed directly into my right eye.
Within 15 seconds I was in the shower, rinsing my eye for upwards of 15 minutes, and I also rinsed it in a shotglass of warm milk.

My eye hurt mildly (like having sand stuck in it) for the first few hours, with shooting pains, like a needle, every 10 minutes or so. These pains lasted only a second or two before disappearing. This continued through the night, getting a bit worse about 4-5 hours after the spraying, until I fell asleep about 9 hours after the spraying. Upon waking up this morning, my eye is fine, the soreness is hardly noticeable.

(I have never had to do an eye-wash before, perhaps that irritated my eye more than the venom???)

Pain scale of overall eye sensation last night on a scale of 1-10 was a 1 or less.
Pain scale of 'needle-like-sensation' was a 4.

Lesson learned: P. transvaalicus CAN squirt venom, not just flick it.

I am thinking this experience may have been more painful if I had not immediately done an eye-wash.
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the toe cutter

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Mar 20, 2010

Well I was actually handling one of my 1" p. trans and ofcourse, it decided to give me a little love tap on the palm of my right hand. I jerked my hand away at first only to notice it was still hanging on solely with the aculeus still embeded in skin! Luckily enough for me, I have some pretty thick skin and the little fella was only an inch long! The immediate pain was a cramping/burning pain, with a little bit of throbbing but was very minor. It went on like that for about 20-30 minutes, swelled up a bit, but nothing too serious. I took some 800mg Ibuprofen, and after about an hour it was nothing more than the equivalent of an ant bite with some pins and needles. At its worst I'd say the pain was about a 4 out of a 1-10 scale. In any case I dont think I will attempt handling any more hots ever!