Panther chameleon question



I have aquired a female panther chameleon that is supposed to be gravid. She was sold as gravid and was said to have successfully had one clutch before. I know little about the chameleon to begin with. I have purchased all the required items for caring for her. I am beginning to wonder if she is actually gravid. She does not seem very big and I am not sure what her coloration should be. She darkens up when the light is turned on which I was told she does to help absorb heat. Any other time her coloration is pink/peach. She is supposed to be a red bar panther chameleon and thats all I know.

Could someone with any experiences in breeding and or rearing panther chameleon clutches tell me anything that will help. She is not eating like she was which I presumed to be the start of her needing to find a place to lay her clutch. I bought a 30 gallon garbage can a put 3 bags of organic top soil in it that is evenly moistened and hand packed to be firm but not too hard. I planted her live tree in the soil and clamped the light on the edge of the garbage can. I peeked on her last night and she was on the botom walking in the dirt. I checked on her tonight and she was up in her tree. She had no signs of dirt on her head or body from digging. I did not think to weigh her before I tried to offer something for her to lay in so I took her out tonight and got her weight and I also dug to the bottom of the can carefully to see if she had already laid her eggs. Nothing, so I put it all back together and don't knowwhat to do now.