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Pandinus dictator available

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by dragonfire1577, May 26, 2016.

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    Sorry for the bad molt. I've never experience this. Sorry I can't help.

    Backwater does have dictator, but perhaps not imperator. The last time I ordered a pair of imperators from them, the shippment turned out to be a pair of heterometrus longimanus(asian forest scorpions). I contacted them. And they comfirmed it and apologized. They told me that their shipping department had been making a mistake that all their shipped out orders for Pandinus imperator were heterometrus longimanus. Ironically, they also sell heterometrus longimanus for a much lower price. As for my order, they gave me a refund and let me keep the asian forest scorpions for free. But I'm not really interested in keeping them. Anyway, backwater is notorious for not updating their website. They just can't be bothered to fix their wrong ads online. In fact, a large portion of their listings are out of stock. I have lots of personal experience with them.

    I do sell dictators myself. I have several adults and a lot of babies ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches.
  2. Hootie

    Hootie Arachnopeon

    How much are you selling the for? Are you experienced at shipping them?
  3. Hootie

    Hootie Arachnopeon

    Didn't mean to offend with the shipping comment, got burned once.
  4. $35 each for the baby.

    No, I've never shipped anything alive before. I have been watching lots of videos on youtube about how to package and ship tarantulas and scorpions, though.
  5. Hootie

    Hootie Arachnopeon

    Are you selling any adults as well? And if you are, how old are they and price? I'm interested in a baby.
  6. I don't know how old the adults are, since they are wild caught, I think. I don't want to sell the adults because I want to keep them for breeding, unless someone can an interesting offer.
  7. Hootie

    Hootie Arachnopeon

    I'm very interested in a baby, how old and what size are they?
  8. They are about 3 to 5 month old ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches.
  9. They are about 3 to 5 month old ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches.
  10. Hootie

    Hootie Arachnopeon

    I want to buy one and would like to get it shipped before it gets real cold. You let me know how you want to do this.
  11. What is the shipping address? I'd like to check out the shipping cost first.
  12. Hootie

    Hootie Arachnopeon

    Can I text you that info? 515-401-2828...send me your number, thanks!
  13. Of course. Text message sent.
  14. bildova

    bildova Arachnopeon

    do you still have any Pandinus dictator ?
  15. Connerl8k

    Connerl8k Arachnosquire

    if he doesn't or if he is no longer active I believe there are dictators available in the buy-
    /sell area of the forum.take a look.
  16. bildova

    bildova Arachnopeon

    i'd reply to one the has some but it says "You have insufficient privileges to reply here" :/
  17. vespers

    vespers Arachnodemon

    You have to PM the member, not reply in their 'classifieds' threads.
  18. Not sure if you're interested but I have TRUE CBB P. imperator for sale. I have raised the parents from 2i and they had babies late last summer. True P. imperator have been hard to find since the import ban. I also have P. dictator that are gravid. Care is very similar...deep humid substrate and moderate temps. I have had some experience with Ken and have found them to be honest. But mistakes can happen. If the cost is moderate, pictures are always warranted. Pm with any questions or interest in the 4i Emporer scorpions I have for sale. Good luck!
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
  19. Hello, how much do you want for the CBB P. imperator? Can 4i be sexed? I tried to PM you but your inbox is full. Thanks! Mathias
  20. Sorry about that! I cleaned the inbox out! I am asking $40 for each +shipping of the 4i CBB P. imperator. They are very healthy and growing fast. For 5 or more, I would come down to $35 each. I can send you some pics if you like. Should be able to inbox now. Just PM with any questions.
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