Pamphobeteus post mating care?


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Jul 14, 2008
Help me out with this one guys..

I have a FAT Pamphobeteus ultramarinus which is heavily gravid.. but she will not drop an eggsac for me.

She's glowing like the sun (candle light method).. I took this one 1 month ago when she was last time rehoused.

So.. she's definitely full of eggs. She was mated between November 2015 and February 2016.. about 5x times.. (3 succesfull inserts). I was keeping her damp during breeding time, and I've started drying out the cage in late February.. so I'm keeping her dry as recommended ever since then. She's got about 5 inches of substrate and a nice cork bark hiding place, but she is wondering around and staying out of hide, rather then excavating and closing herself in. (also refusing food for at least 2 months). She is in a separeted room in a totally calm area. How can I stimulate her, so that she will prepare for dropping? It's been 9 months now since 1st breeding.. should I raise up the humidity or just wait?

Lately I've been doing a lot of breeding research, and I've seen a lot of T's dropping their eggsac's in a almost completely dried out cages..
and there's something I've noticed about a couple of other T's.. some females are stimulated with floodings (when she is already very fat and about to drop) and that triggers her to drop … I saw this mostly with poecilotheria sp. etc, but my two gravid P.metallica's both molted out on me when I did that :( So I was wondering, is it different from sp. to sp. ?

Ps. Here are two pictures from today:



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Feb 22, 2013
Oh... my god...

That is without a doubt the fattest tarantula I've ever seen. Good lord. I have no advice for you other than you may want to bring her Solo and the Wookie.