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P. Reddelli


Old Timer
Apr 28, 2009
A few hours ago I got stung by a adult P. Reddelli. I'll try to provide as much information.

Scorpion Size: Approx 1.5 inches
How: I was trying to remove the Scorpion so I could put a water dish in
Physical damage: None
Symptoms:Less than a pin prick. I test my fingers for blood glucose and the pain was FAR less than that.
Length of symptoms:Fraction of a second.
Medical Attention: None needed
Lingering effects: None
Picture: None available.


Aug 12, 2011
Psuedouroctonus reddelli second instars.

Stung twice while straw packing 70 of them by two separate babies.

I didn't think they could sting and didn't really see the first one happen. It was crawling on me and I looked away for a second to grab something. Quick sting on back of my left hand. Pretty much a mosquito bite sensation but at a lesser effect. Instantly stopped hurting once stinging stopped. No redness.

Second sting. I saw the little bugger panic while being caught in my finger hair and then plug me. That one hurt just a tad more and this also left a small swollen area for about an hour. After than no sign there was ever a sting.