P.met rehouse

Blue Jaye

Sep 16, 2013
I paired one of my female P.mets a few months back. I decided the enclosure she was in just won't due to make a sac. She was still eating, looking quite gravid and always out. So I decided to rehouse.

Man did that go smoothly! She's a flighty one, immediately dropped into her hide when I touched her enclosure. Knowing this would be the case. I left space in her new enclosure for her old tree. With the new enclosure ready, I stuffed some paper towel in her tree at the top and used a deli lid for the bottom while I transferred. Placed her tree in the sub packed sub around it . Tested for stability, took the paper towel out and closed the door. Sweet!!!

Haven't seen her since. Just evidence of what she's been up to. She's moved into the new cork log. There's been lots of dirt moved around and thrown out of her cork. Lots of webbing on the cork towards the back. Still no sign of her and as of last Wednesday she stopped eating. Fingers crossed at this point lol. Here is a pic of her new digs righ after I put her in. Her old cork tree is on the right. Yes I put in a water dish lol. IMG_0239.JPG